The End of The Road Begins-Kai Cenat.mp3-

Kai Cenat 欧美音乐 2023-05-20 10:07:00
The End of The Road Begins - Kai Cenat
Lyrics by:Mark Nilan Jr./Kai Cenat
Composed by:Mark Nilan Jr./Kai Cenat
Is y'all seein' what I'm seein' man
It's the tenth movie we gotta go big
Vin Diesel was talkin' 'bout some "It's family"
Of course it is
I'm not gon' lie we went from racin'
To savin' the whole entire world
And look at the lineup Daddy Yankee Jimin of BTS
Then look they got a nice lil' Latin vibe to it
It's like "Grrah" I'm bumpin' that
Turn the volume up please turn the volume up
I'm ready to lock in and hear what they gotta say
It's about family man that's what it's all about



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